What is the Most Durable Wood Flooring?

Hollis, NH Homeowner Seeks Advice

Traditional solid hardwood is an excellent choice for durability.  With durable options that include oak, maple, and Hickory, solid hardwood can be sanded down and repaired several times during its life.  When it comes to durability from moisture, engineered wood is a better option than its solid counterpart.  Made with multiple layers of wood and finished with a layer of veneer, engineered hardwood does an excellent job of resisting moisture.

A homeowner in Hollis was looking for new wood flooring for her home.  An active family, with young children, one of her top concerns was durability.

The Type of Wood Affects Durability

Not all wood is created equal when it comes to flooring, particularly when it comes to susceptibility to dents, scratches and regular wear and tear.  Wood durability is ranked based on its density.  Harder woods, such and maple and oak, are very resistant to damage.  The hardness of the wood is measured by the Janka Hardness scale.  The higher the score, the more resistant the wood’s surface is to dents and scratches.

Understanding Durability in Hardwood Floor

The type of hardwood floor that will be deemed most durable for your home is very subjective.  If there are pets in the home or young children, solid wood may be a better choice.  This option can be repaired if the solid planks are damaged or dented, by sanding the boards down and refinishing the existing floor.  If the concern is a high-moisture area, engineered hardwood is the clear winner.  By its nature, engineered hardwood is able to absorb the moisture without damage.

The homeowner in Hollis opted for a solid oak floor.  The wood’s durability and the choice of solid hardwood will ensure that this floor can withstand her active home.

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