What is the Difference Between Laminate Flooring and Hardwood?

Difference Between Laminate Flooring and Hardwood

Nashua, NH Homeowner Has Questions

Laminate flooring is a synthetic product, created using multiple layers of fiber board material.  The top layer is printed and textured to look like real wood.  Hardwood flooring is comprised of many layers of real wood or plywood.  Unlike hardwood flooring, where no two planks can be completely replicated, laminate flooring comes in pre-designed patterns.

A homeowner in Nashua was looking for new flooring for his family room.  Looking for advice about the differences between laminate flooring and hardwood, he sought recommendations from the experts at Cardoza Flooring.

For a Truly Unique Floor, Stick with Hardwood

Designed from actual pieces of wood, hardwood flooring is unique in that no two planks are identical.  While laminate flooring does mimic the look of hardwood on the surface, it is created from manufactured fiberboard printed with the wood design on the surface.  For this reason, the designs on each piece of laminate will repeat themselves, losing the individuality that a hardwood floor can offer.

Laminate is a Low Maintenance Option that Can Withstand Higher Humidity

Hardwood flooring is very susceptible to humidity levels and should be kept between 45-55%.  This type of flooring can also be stained and damaged from excess moisture being left for extended periods of time.  Laminate has a much higher resistance to moisture and can easily be installed in a kitchen, bathroom or basement. 

Of the two, laminate is much easier to care for and maintain.  Regular sweeping and mopping or wiping the floor down with a damp cloth is enough to keep it looking great.  Hardwood requires more care and effort to preserve the wood’s finish but will outlast laminate as it can be sanded and re-finished if damaged or beginning to show wear and tear.

Since the room in the Nashua resident’s home was in an area where moisture would not be a concern, he opted for the unique look of hardwood flooring over that of laminate.

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