What is the Best Way to Remove Pet Hair from Carpet?

Remove Pet Hair from Carpet

Nashua, NH Homeowner Seeks Advice

To remove pet hair from carpet you can use a vacuum to go over the area, using an attachment to get the hair that is stuck in corners and against walls and furniture.  However, some hair may be difficult to remove through vacuuming alone.  Pass a window squeegee across the carpet to get additional hair up.  Rubbing the carpet while wearing rubber gloves or with a kitchen sponge can also do the trick.

A Nashua homeowner was struggling through shedding season with her two dogs.  She noticed that much of the hair was embedding into her bedroom carpet.  Seeking help, she contacted the flooring experts at Cardoza Flooring.

Get Creative to Remove Stubborn Pet Hair from Carpet

Whether a dog or cat, some breeds just shed more than others.  This can be very frustrating when your carpet become a catch-all for the pet hair, not to mention exacerbating the allergies of anyone living in the home.  Regularly running a vacuum over the carpet can go a long way to removing the bulk of the hair.  However, a vacuum may not remove all of the hair that has lodged between the carpet fibers.

Pet hair that is embedded in the carpet can often be removed using an everyday kitchen sponge.  After passing a vacuum over the carpet, to get any remaining pet hair up dampen the sponge and pass this over the carpet where the hair has collected.  The hair will stick to the sponge, releasing its hold on the carpet fibers. 

Rubber gloves are another option for removing pet hair.  By rubbing the carpet fibers, while wearing rubber gloves, the hair will adhere to the rubber and lift off of the carpet. 

The easiest solution is to

The easiest solution is to remove pet hair quickly, before it has had a chance to embed in the carpet fibers.  With this knowledge, the Nashua homeowner will be following a regular vacuuming schedule to remove the bulk of the pet hair during shedding season.

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