What is the Best Way to Protect Hardwood Floors from Sand and Salt?

Protect Hardwood Floors from Sand and Salt

Placing a waterproof mat inside the front door of your home, where boots and other wet items can be taken off, will keep winter’s salt and sand off from damaging hardwood flooring.  It isn’t unusual to track the gritty sand indoors.  Regularly sweeping hardwood flooring during the winter can prevent this residue from damaging the floor.

Hollis, NH Resident Seeks Advice

A Hollis resident was concerned about protecting her new hardwood floors from salt and sand tracked into her home.  She contacted Cardoza Flooring for ways to keep her hardwood in stellar shape.

Eliminate Tracked in Sand and Salt Altogether

The winter months can be particularly challenging for hardwood floor.  From excess moisture caused by tracked in snow to salt and sand, if you aren’t carefully this can damage your home’s floor.  The best way to prevent this is by creating an area, whether a waterproof mat or bucket, for boots at the entry of the home.  This will prevent the salt and sand from being tracked throughout the floor.

A surprising culprit for tracking in salt and sand are pets.  Dogs and cats coming indoors often have this mixture in their paws.  This can damage the floor as they walk around the home if left addressed.  Making it a regular habit of wiping down your pet’s paws when they come in the home with a towel or rag can help to limit the amount of sand and salt on your hardwood floor.

Sweep up any Loose Sand

Even with the most careful vigilance, it is likely that some sand and salt will be tracked onto the floors.  Regularly sweeping during the winter months will help to remove this before it can damage your floor.  Sand in particular can be ground into the floor by others walking on it, causing lasting damage.

The homeowner in Hollis has placed a large, waterproof mat by the door and is being proactive having everyone remove shoes as they enter the home.  This, and regularly sweeping the area, will ensure that her hardwood floors come out of the winter looking great.

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