What is the Best Way to Clean LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)?


Merrimack, NH Resident Looks for Advice

Regular sweeping or dry mopping luxury vinyl tile is important to keep the shine.  This will keep debris and dust off of the floor that can damage the finish.  For a deeper cleaning, mix some dish soap and warm water together and use this solution to mop the floor.  To add extra shine to your LVT floor, add some white vinegar to the soap and water mixture.

A resident in Merrimack had just installed LVT flooring in her home.  Wanting to keep the floors looking great for years to come, she was looking for suggestions to keep the floor clean and in great shape.

Regular Sweeping Will Prevent Scratches and Other Damage

One of the big advantages of luxury vinyl tile is that it is easy to maintain and requires very little regular maintenance.  While LVT is a durable material, it can still be scratched and damaged if it is not cared for properly.  Small pieces of dirt or rock tracked onto the floor can act like sandpaper, removing the finish as you track this through the house.  Regular sweeping can make sure this dirt is removed before it can damage the floor.

Deeper Cleaning as Necessary Will Restore Shine and Remove Dirt

LVT is a relatively low maintenance flooring option but mopping the floors periodically to remove any dirt and return their sheen will be necessary.  This resilient flooring can be mopped with a simple solution of dish soap and water.  The mop should be soft so that it won’t damage or scratch the floor.  Never use a mop with a scrub brush attached.  Instead choose a micro-fiber mop head.  Be sure to remove all of the soap, going over the area again with a soap-free mop.  This will ensure that no soap film is left behind and that the floor is not slippery for those living in the home. 

The homeowner in Merrimack now has a better understanding of how to care for her LVT floors and they should look like new for many years to come.

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