What is the Best Flooring for a Home with Kids?

New Parents in Nashua Seek Advice

Best Flooring for a Home with Kids Nashua NH

For homes with young children, carpeting is a great option.  The extra padding makes crawling more comfortable, not to mention parents sitting on the floor for extended periods of time.  Dark carpets are more forgiving with the inevitable stains and spills.  However, for ease of cleaning, hardwood or laminate flooring can’t be beat. 

A family in Nashua had just welcomed their first child.  Looking to replace a living room floor, they sought the advice of Cardoza Flooring for an option that would be the most child-friendly over the years,

When Considering Kid Comfort, Turn to Carpet

Just by its plush nature, carpet is the easy answer for comfort.  Young children spend a lot of time on the floor, playing and motoring through the house.  This will be something you appreciate even more with new walkers, who are more likely to take a fall.  Adding a little extra padding to the floor can make a big difference for kids and their parents.

Hardwood and Laminate are Best for Easy Clean-up

While it may be more comfortable, carpeting comes with its own set of challenges.  With young children, spills are inevitable.  If choosing carpeting, a darker color will hide these stains better than a lighter color.  But if you want something that will offer the easiest clean-up, hardwood or laminate may be a better option.

Hardwood flooring is made to withstand wear and tear.  If scratches and other marks do mar the wood, this can be refinished, sanding out the imperfections.  Hardwood offers easy clean-up of spills and doesn’t collect dust, dirt and dander like carpet, making it a great choice for children with allergies.

A less costly option that offers the same advantages of hardwood is laminate.  Spills can be easily wiped away and laminate is a great choice for allergy sufferers.  Keep in mind that when wet, laminate can be very slippery for young children running around.

The young family in Nashua chose a dark-colored carpet for their new flooring, knowing that they have the crawling years still to come.