What are the Advantages of Wool Carpet?

Hollis, NH Resident Seeks Advice

Wool carpet is highly resilient, keeping its shape through wear and tear where other carpet types would become worn down and matted.  The wool fibers are naturally resistant to stains, and unlike other carpet fibers that tend to attract oils, wool does an excellent job of hiding stains and repelling oil.  Due to its resilient nature and stain resistance, wool carpeting can often last for decades. 

A Hollis resident was looking to replace the carpeting in her bedroom.  She had heard a lot about the advantages of wool carpet.  Looking for advice, she contacted the experts at Cardoza Flooring.

Wool Carpet Offers Comfort, Stain Resistance and Longevity

Derived from sheep, wool carpet can offer comfort that is hard to compare to other types of flooring.  With its unique softness and natural springiness, this soft carpet feels great underfoot.  Unlike other softer carpets, like polyester, wool can withstand the test of time.  Known for its resilient nature, wool carpeting will not lose its plush springiness over time.  Wool is also a natural stain resistor.  Many spills can be wiped right up, without damage to the carpet fibers.

Wool carpeting is manufactured without dyes and synthetic materials.  Barring a wool allergy, this makes this type of carpet a great solution for families looking for something hypoallergenic and chemical-free.

The Luxury of Wool Carpet Can Come with a High Price Tag

Wool carpet is on the higher end, offering luxury with its comfort and the ability to withstand the test of time.  This type of carpet is an investment, with prices that are typically more than double the cost of other carpets.  While this is not a budgetary option, wool is a wonderful choice for carpet and one that homeowners seldom regret.

The Cardoza Flooring team discussed carpeting options with the Hollis homeowner and she decided to proceed with the luxury of wool carpet.  Her bedroom carpet is plush and beautiful now and she couldn’t be happier.