What are Some Low-Cost Alternatives to Hardwood Flooring?


Bedford, NH Homeowner Looks for Options

There are many great alternatives to hardwood, offering the same stunning look for a fraction of the price.  Laminate flooring now has designs that mimic the look of hardwood planks.  LVP, luxury vinyl plank, is a great option for the look of hardwood at a much lower price tag.  Another option is engineered wood flooring, designed with layers made of plywood.

A Bedford homeowner was looking to replace the flooring in his living room.  He really liked the look of hardwood, but not the price tag.  Looking for additional options, he contacted Cardoza Flooring.

LVP and LVT, The Look of Hardwood Without the Price

Luxury Vinyl flooring, available in planks and tile, is a man-made material that can be made to resemble a variety of tree species to mimic the look of hardwood.  This flooring option comes in a variety of color shade and when in its plank form, it is difficult to tell the difference from LVP and hardwood at a glance.  While it won’t outlast the longevity of hardwood, this flooring option is a more affordable price for the budget conscious. 

Other Alternatives to Hardwood

Laminate flooring is another option that can mimic, not only the look but also the feel, of hardwood when choosing a higher quality laminate.  This flooring choice is more durable than hardwood, but is thinner and cannot be sanded down if damaged like hardwood. 

Engineered wood is another look-alike option for hardwood.  Composed of multiple layers of plywood with a top layer of real wood, when well maintained this flooring can last for decades.  The process of caring for an engineered wood floor is the same as that of hardwood.

Armed with this knowledge, the homeowner in Bedford opted to go with an LVP floor in his living room.  This option gave him plenty of choices to get just the right shade that he wanted, and the final result is a floor that very closely resembles hardwood.

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