The Best Flooring to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Pepperell Family Looks for Suggestions

The right flooring choice can actually enhance a small room, giving it the visual impression of being bigger.  Dark-colored flooring, when paired with a lighter wall color, can give a room a more expansive feel.  To add dimension to a room, the flooring should be placed diagonally.  When using tiles or planks, choose the largest size available to give the illusion of more space.

A family in Pepperell was looking to replace their flooring in a study.  They wanted to give the small room the illusion of looking larger and wondered if the right choice of flooring might be able to help.

To Look More Spacious, Choose a Dark Flooring

It may seem counterintuitive, but to make a room look larger, darker flooring paired with a lighter paint color is the answer.  Regardless of whether the floor will be carpet, tile or hardwood, a darker option can add the appearance of more space. 

Consistency is Key

No matter what flooring type you choose, having the entire level of your home with the same flooring can go a long way to making the space look larger.  Instead of having different flooring for various rooms, the home will seem to flow together more naturally.  This natural flow can easily give a more spacious appearance.

Flooring Size Matters

When choosing tile, the size of the tile can make a big difference.  A larger tile makes the room seem larger.  If you are choosing a hardwood floor, opt for a larger plank size to achieve these same effects.

The family in Pepperell chose a darker hardwood floor for their study, and ultimately chose to extend the hardwood throughout the entire first floor.  The darker wood color and consistent flooring throughout have really opened up the area, and the family couldn’t be happier with the final results.

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