How to Remove Carpet Indentations, Hudson Homeowner Seeks Assistance

Remove Carpet Indentations

To remove carpet dents caused by furniture, use a water bottle to dampen the dented area. Then use a blow dryer, on the hottest setting, to dry the carpet. While blowing dry the carpet, use your fingers to fluff the carpet fibers. Another option is to steam away the dents using an iron placed over a damp cloth on the carpet. Slowly move the iron across the cloth for a minute.

A homeowner in Hudson, NH was rearranging furniture in his home. He was shocked to see large indentations in the carpet left behind when the heavy furniture had been moved.

Steaming the Carpet to Remove Dents

While it is a good idea to move furniture slightly over time to prevent significant indentations in carpet, it is not always feasible.  The carpet will typically bounce back over time, but there are some tricks to remove those unsightly indentations faster.  One of the easier ways to remove these dents is through steam.  If you have a steam cleaner, this can be done quickly by dampening the carpet and running the steam cleaner over it.  Alternatively, you can use a blow dryer on a high setting or even an iron, keeping a damp cloth between the iron and the carpet.

Ice Cube for Removing Carpet Indentations

Another easy way to remove carpet dents is by placing an ice cube in the dented carpet.  Leave it there to melt.  Once melted, you should be able to brush out the carpet using a metal spoon or wire brush, depending on the carpet durability.  The indentations should be easy to remove.

The homeowner in Hudson opted to use a damp cloth and an iron to remove the carpet dents.  By slowing running the iron over the damp towel on the carpet, he was able to remove the unsightly dents and can now fully enjoy the new look and feel of the room.