How to Pick Flooring that Complements Your Home’s Décor

Flooring that Complements Your Home’s Décor

Whether redecorating a room or choosing new flooring, you want to choose a color scheme that goes well together.  The focus should be on matching your flooring choice and color with the walls and furniture in the room.  One option is to choose a light and dark contrast, which will give the biggest impact.  Other homeowners choose complimentary neutral colors for the walls and flooring.

A homeowner in Merrimack was redecorating her living room.  Looking to update the room’s flooring, she contacted Cardoza Flooring for design help.

Understanding the Difference Between Matching and Coordinating Floors

For a home’s décor and flooring options, you can choose between matching and coordinating.  Matching is when the walls or other décor of the room, cabinetry, furniture and more, are a close match to the floor.  For example, a hardwood floor in the kitchen that closely matches the cabinetry or bedroom carpeting that is a similar shade to the paint on the walls.

Coordinating refers to floors and room décor that compliment one another.  These are colors or shades that go well together.  While they do not necessarily match, they still look great in the room.

Considerations When Choosing a Floor Color or Shade

From hardwood and carpet to tile and linoleum, the color or shade of floor that you choose will have a big impact on any room.  Considerations to keep in mind when choosing your floor include the color of the walls, you may even want to consider bringing in a paint sample when choosing your floor, color of the furniture in the room and the overall style. 

Your personality can also play a big part in your choice of flooring for the room’s décor.  Are you looking to make a statement, with a design that will stand out, or perhaps a more subtle neutral décor is more your style?

With the guidance and assistance of Cardoza Flooring, the homeowner in Merrimack was able to choose the perfect floor to fit her new décor and couldn’t be happier.

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