How Often to Vacuum Your Carpet

Windham Homeowner Looks for Suggestions

Vacuum Your Carpet

Carpets, particularly those in high-traffic areas, should be vacuumed regularly.  This will remove any dirt and dust that can become embedded into the carpet fibers.  This vacuuming should be done weekly, and more frequently in high-traffic areas of the home. 

A homeowner in Windham, NH had just replaced her bedroom carpet.  She was looking for tips to keep the carpet looking like new for years to come.

To Keep Your Carpet Looking Good, Vacuum Regularly

Most rooms need to be vacuumed weekly.  For rooms with high-traffic volume or homes with pets this should increase to twice each week or more often.  Even rooms that see very little traffic volume, should be vacuumed every other week to remove dust that has settled on the carpet.  Removing the dirt, dust and pet dander from the carpet regularly will prevent it from being ground into the fibers.  This can lead to staining, making the carpet look dirty and dingy despite cleaning.

The Right Way to Vacuum Carpet

Believe it or not, there is a right way to vacuum your carpet.  Most people make quick, back and forth motions when vacuuming.  This is not the most effective for picking up dirt and dust.  Instead, vacuum a row of carpet in one direction from the one wall to the opposite wall.  You can then pull the vacuum back over the entire strip that you just vacuumed.  Then do the next strip of carpet, slightly overlapping the area that you just cleaned.  Once complete, vacuum the room again in the opposite direction using this same technique.

The homeowner in Windham realized that she needed to be more diligent about the care of her carpet, and has now put her entire family on a regular vacuuming schedule.  With this proper care, her carpets should look great for many years to come.