How Often Do Carpets Need to Be Professionally Cleaned?

Hudson, NH Homeowner Looks for Advice


Regular upkeep, including vacuuming and spot removal, is important to keep your carpets in top condition.  However, these do it yourself cleanings can only go so far to remove the dust and dirt that can easily become embedded in carpet fibers.  Having a professional deep clean the carpets in your home annually can go a long way to removing this caked-in dirt that can leave them looking dingy and discolored.

A homeowner in Hudson had just purchased new carpeting for her bedroom.  Wanting to keep the carpet looking great for years to come, she sought the advice of Cardoza Flooring.

Prevent Dirt and Dust from Penetrating the Carpet Fibers

In even the cleanest home, dirt will inevitably be tracked onto your carpet.  This often goes unnoticed until the accumulation begins to stain and discolor the carpet fibers.  The same is true for dust in the air that settles, unseen, on the carpet.  Regular vacuuming can go a long way to removing this dirt and dust before it can have the opportunity to be ground further into the carpet fibers.  Rooms with heavy traffic flow can be particularly vulnerable, as family walking on the carpet can push the dirt and dust further into the fibers.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Keeps Your Flooring Looking Great

It is unavoidable that some of the dirt and dust that your home’s carpet sees every day will be ground into the carpet fibers.  While this may not initially be noticeable, it can affect the appearance of the carpet as well as the health of those living in the home.  Whether you have young children or those with allergies, this dirt accumulation can have an impact.  Having the carpet professionally cleaned once a year, or more often if you have pets, can not only reduce these health concerns but it can also ensure that your carpet looks great.  A professional cleaning will remove the dirt and dust that has penetrated the fibers, leaving your home’s carpet looking great.

The Hudson resident plans to have her new carpet cleaned annually to keep it looking and feeling great for many years to come.

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