How Home Improvement Projects Increase a Home’s Value

Windham Homeowner Sees Results

Whether you are looking to sell your home now or to just enjoy the coming years, home improvement projects can significantly increase the value.  Some of the big winners for return on your investment are kitchen and bathroom remodels.  However, even smaller home improvement projects such as installing hardwood flooring or new carpeting can make a big difference.

A homeowner in Windham, NH was listing her home for the summer market.  Seeking to get top dollar for the home, she was considering making some home improvements prior to listing the property.

For the Biggest ROI, Consider Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a classic in any home, and is often the most requested flooring for home buyers.  Not only do hardwood floors make a home look more luxurious, but buyers are willing to pay more for this feature.  Pricing of the hardwood will vary, depending on the type of wood.  Installing hardwood flooring is an upfront investment, but the increase in the home’s value makes this project well worth it.  This type of flooring can last over ten years, making it a great upgrade even if you aren’t looking to sell the home in the near future.

Consider Neutral Floors that Fit a Variety of Styles for Carpeting

Installing a plush carpet in the bedroom can also increase the home’s value.  This is particularly true if the existing carpet has buckles from age, stains or matted carpet fibers.  When choosing a new carpet, be sure to stick with a neutral color that will appeal to anyone’s style.  While flooring can be considered the blank canvas of a room, going too crazy can actually hurt your home’s value. 

The homeowner in Windham chose Cardoza Flooring to upgrade the home’s bedroom carpeting to a plush beige, while also installing new hardwood in the downstairs.  The home looks great, and the homeowner expects to see a return on her investment from the sale of the home.