How Does Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring Differ from Engineered Hardwood?

Bedford, NH Homeowner Learns the Difference

Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring Hand scraped hardwood flooring uses a chisel and hammer to sculpt the wood, giving it a distinct look and feel. This type of flooring often gives the look of an older style floor, going back to the 1800’s when this was customary for manufacturing hardwood planks. Hand scraped flooring has a rougher feel than engineered or solid hardwood flooring, which is smooth on the surface.

A homeowner in Bedford was looking to add hardwood flooring to the downstairs of his home. He was looking for something unique and inquired about hand scraped hardwood.

Advantages of Hand Scraped Flooring

Hand scraped flooring offers a unique look to a room. Every board has a texture and look all its own, making this a truly one of a kind flooring option. With a rough texture that looks like the floor is older, this is a great option for antique homes. Hand scraped hardwood is also very forgiving, as dents and scratches tend to blend in well with the unique look of the wood.

Hand Scaping Does Come at a Cost

The process of hand scraping hardwood is much more in depth than the manufacturing of engineered hardwood. There are flooring options that are machined but call themselves hand scraped. However, these are often a poor imitation for true hand scraped hardwood. Machine versions of hand scraping fail to capture the varied and unique look from board to board. The amount of work that goes into true hand scraped hardwood does make the price higher than what you will find with engineered hardwood.

The homeowner in Bedford found the perfect hand scraped hardwood at Cardoza Flooring, opting for the beautiful flooring of AKA HomerWood which is hand scraped by the Amish. He is now enjoying a truly unique floor that offers just the look that he was seeking.