Is Hardwood Matching Possible? Greenville Homeowner Asks

Water Stains on HardwoodIt is not possible to perfectly match new hardwood floor to existing hardwood, but you can make the match as close as possible. Choosing your hardwood from the same species of tree and in a similar color can make the new hardwood a close facsimile. Some homeowners focus instead on matching the new hardwood to something that will complement the existing floor.

A homeowner in Greenville, NH was looking to replace a carpeted room with the hardwood that was throughout the rest of the home. Looking to match the existing flooring, he contacted Cardoza Flooring for advice.

Hardwood Changes Over Time Making an Exact Match Impossible

Wood is a natural material that will change its color over time as your floors begin to age. This makes it impossible to find new hardwood flooring that will be an exact match for an older floor. These color changes are due to fading from the sun and oxidation of the wood.

Knowing that this perfect match is an impossibility, many homeowners instead choose a floor that will complement the existing floor. It is generally a good idea to stay within the same species of wood and hue. This can actually give the homeowner an opportunity to create an even more stunning floor.

Other Options Beyond Hardwood

Since the exact match of hardwood is not an option, you may want to consider choosing a different type of floor for this new room. There are many great flooring choices that complement hardwood nicely, including porcelain tile, stone, and LVT flooring.

The homeowner in Greenville realized that he would never achieve that perfect match of his hardwood flooring. Instead he opted to go with an LVT floor that complemented the rest of the home beautifully and he couldn’t be happier.