Deciding Between Dark and Light Hardwood Floor

Tyngsboro, MA Homeowner Seeks Advice

Dark and Light Hardwood Floor

The ultimate question of dark vs. light hardwood floors is a matter of personal preference.  This decision may be made based on the style and décor of your home.  What goes best with the furniture in the area or the paint color may also be a factor in your decision.  Dark hardwood is on the uptick for current style, but the final decision should be based on your unique situation.

A homeowner in Tyngsboro was looking to install new hardwood flooring, but he was unsure of whether he wanted dark or light floors.  Seeking suggestions, he contacted Cardoza Flooring.

For Cleaning, Light Hardwood Floors are the Way to Go

Just by their nature, light hardwood floors show dirt less than dark hardwood.  While this shouldn’t deter you entirely from dark hardwood, you should expect to keep a more diligent routine of cleaning the floors.  Not only will this additional cleaning keep your floors looking great, but it will also help them to last longer. 

Dark Hardwood is Less Forgiving

Light hardwood also tends to be more forgiving with regard to scratches, dents and other imperfections. Most wood species are light-colored.  When you scratch through the dark-colored stain on a board, it will frequently show the contrast of the wood underneath. Choosing a dark hardwood that is slightly lighter such as Jacobean or dark walnut over a darker ebony can offer you a more forgiving hardwood floor.  A satin finish can also help to minimize dirt, scratches and imperfections in the hardwood, regardless of color.

While you can expect more overall maintenance with dark hardwood, the final decision should really be a matter of personal preference and what fits well with your home. 

The family in Tyngsboro opted for a dark hardwood that they loved and was a perfect fit in their home.  With plans to recoat the hardwood every four years, this extra coat of poly should keep them looking great for a long time.