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What is the Difference Between Wool Carpet and Synthetic?

Wool carpeting is soft and comfortable underfoot. It is also an extremely durable choice, with the natural resistance that come from wool fibers. Wool carpeting can withstand everyday traffic and its elasticity allows this type of carpet to maintain its shape over time. Synthetic carpet is made from nylon or polyester. It is excellent at resisting stains, even those that have been left unaddressed, and the color resists fading.

A homeowner in Hollis was looking to replace his upstairs carpet. Curious about the difference between wool and synthetic carpet, he sought the advice of the experts at Cardoza Flooring.

Closeup of red carpet swatch


One of the biggest advantages of wool carpeting is its longevity. The wool fibers are able to stretch, while still bouncing back to their original length, due to a three-dimensional spiraling in the carpet. Wool can easily withstand foot traffic and will quickly bounce back even when crushed by heavy furniture for an extended period of time.

While it doesn’t have the longevity of wool, synthetic carpet, particularly nylon, does have resilience. It will be able to bounce back despite heavy traffic and crushing furniture. Synthetic carpet made from polyester is less apt to recover in high-traffic areas and can even begin to mat.


While wool carpeting does repel dirt, for stains and spills synthetic carpet is a better choice. Older spills that are allowed to soak in could stain the wool fiber permanently. With synthetic carpet, even spills that go unnoticed can often be removed with spot cleanings. The stains are not typically able to penetrate the synthetic fibers.

The Hollis resident had young children living in the home and spills would be inevitable. Despite the longevity and comfort of wool, he opted for a synthetic carpet made from nylon. The carpet looks great and he can be sure that, with proper care, it will last for many years.