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Plush Carpeting—Soft, Yet Durable

Plush carpeting is a type of carpet that lives up to its name in feel and appearance. With its smooth texture and soft and elegant feel, it is a pleasure to walk or sit on. Because of its definite cozy look and feel, it is a popular choice for both adult and kids’ bedrooms and is also often installed in formal dining rooms and living rooms.

Plush carpeting features a weave that is both smooth and dense. The way the carpet is made results in a look that some people compare to a freshly cut lawn. When plush carpeting is being manufactured, the rug’s fibers are cut open on the surface, which results in a smooth and level height. Generally speaking, the density and yarn twist will determine both the cost and quality of plush carpeting.

Baby and mother playing with colored blocks on white carpet


For years, nylon was the gold standard fiber for plush carpeting, however, recently polymers like PTT and Triexta fiber are gaining in popularity. Brands like “Smartstrand” by Mohawk are becoming household names. These types of plush carpeting are constructed in part with recycled soda bottles; in all, about 10 percent of the fiber is made from the recycled materials. Less energy is used to create these forms of plush carpeting.

Triexta and PTT plush carpeting are also known for being very durable and easy to clean; they are not only soft and comfortable like traditional plush carpeting, but are also soil and stain resistant. These two types of carpeting are available in a wide range of styles and colors.

Other common types of plush carpeting include Velvet or Saxony—these are cut pile versions that are constructed with a slightly twisted fiber that features a small fray. This helps to make these types of plush carpeting exceptionally soft and easy on the feet. Unlike other types of carpet that do not show the footprints of those who have recently walked across it, plush carpeting is so soft that it indents easily and both shoe prints and vacuum marks will show for awhile.


In addition to its high comfort factor, it is very easy to take care of. Plush carpeting may also come with chemicals added to the fibers that will help to repel liquids from adhering to it, as well as dirt and dust.

The disadvantages to plush carpeting are few; generally speaking, it does not tend to do as well in areas of the home that get a lot of traffic. But for many homeowners, this is a minor issue, and one that is definitely outweighed by its luxurious and soft feel. If it is cared for properly with routine vacuuming and occasional cleaning, plush carpet will look warm and inviting for many years to come.

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