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Large Floor Tiles Make a Small Room Feel More Spacious

Merrimack, NH Homeowner Discovers the Trick

A large flooring tile, opting for a 16” or even 24” tile, can give the illusion of more space in a room.  Having less grout lines with these larger tiles makes the floor look less busy, giving the illusion of a larger area.  A busier design or mosaic, created with smaller tiles, can make the room look closed in.  This is important when working in an already small space, using large tiles can go a long way to add the illusion of more space.

A homeowner in Merrimack was looking at tile flooring for his kitchen.  Working with limited space, he wanted options that would make the room appear larger.

Large Floor Tiles

Large Tiles Give a More Expansive Appearance

Tiles are now available in sizes that far exceed the traditional 12” or smaller.  Large tiles are available in 16”, 18”, and even 24”.  These larger tiles can give the illusion of more space in a room, as they offer a more open and spacious design.  A small room can be further enhanced to look larger by choosing a large tile in a lighter shade.  Lighter tiles will reflect the light in the room, making it look larger.  Glazed tiles can take this even further with their natural ability to bounce light back, as opposed to a matte tile that absorbs the light.

Grout Matters

One reason that larger tiles can make a small room look bigger is because there are fewer grout lines.  Reducing the quantity of these lines, can impact the design that goes along with a tile floor and open the space significantly.  Choosing a light shade of grout or one that closely matches the color of the tile can also help.  A tile floor that is simplistic in design can go a long way to opening up a small room.

The Merrimack customer opted for a 24” tile and was surprised at just how much it affected the perception of his kitchen’s size.  He couldn’t be happier with the final result.

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