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What is the Best Way to Clean Laminate Flooring?

To keep your laminate floor looking great, sweep the area regularly with a soft bristle broom. This will remove any pet hair, dirt, and dust from the floor. You can then use a damp mop to remove any lingering dirt from the floor. Avoiding using anything too wet, will ensure that the moisture does not penetrate the laminate seams.

A homeowner in Nashua has just installed new laminate flooring in his home. Looking for suggestions to keep it looking great, he asked Cardoza Flooring about the best way to clean his new floor.

Room scene with white couch and tan laminate flooring


Adhering to a regular sweeping schedule for a laminate floor will go a long way to keeping it looking great and with its original sheen. A soft bristle broom will be gentle enough to prevent any scratches, but effective in removing dirt and dust on a regular basis.


Because laminate is made from recycled hardwood, it is not waterproof. Puddles or spills left unchecked can penetrate the floor at the seams. This can then seep into the sub-floor beneath causing bowing or even mold problems. For the same reason it is important that when mopping your laminate floor, the mop be only damp. This will prevent any extra water from penetrating the floor and causing moisture problems. After mopping, go over the floors with a dry cloth to be sure that any water that may be left behind is fully removed.

When cleaning your laminate flooring, do not use buffers or polishers. Abrasive and acidic cleaners should also be avoided. These can strip the protective coating from the laminate flooring. Instead for a deeper cleaning, mix a teaspoon of unscented dish soap with hot water and dampen your mop.

The homeowner in Nashua now knows how to properly clean and care for his laminate flooring. He can expect his new floor to keep looking great for many years to come.