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How to Prevent Area Rugs from Shedding

Merrimack, NH Resident Looks for Suggestions

Area rugs made with synthetic materials, such as acrylic, nylon and viscose, can experience shedding as a result of foot traffic. When purchased new, you can have a fiber protector applied to a rug that is made from a material that is more prone to shedding. If your existing rug is shedding a lot, use a horsehair brush to gently loosen small pieces, vacuuming them up with an attachment. Lightly vacuuming the area on a low setting will also help to combat the fuzz.

A Merrimack resident was looking for a new carpet. From past experience, she was concerned about the carpet shedding after installation.

How to Prevent Area Rugs from Shedding

Some Area Rugs Are More Prone to Shedding

Not all carpeting is created equal. Typically, less expensive carpet made from synthetic materials, is more prone to shedding. Plant-fiber rugs such as jute, sisal and nettle are particularly vulnerable to this type of fuzz. The synthetic material viscose, which includes in its artificial silk, bamboo silk and rayon, has some of the weakest fibers that can be found in carpets. This makes them even more vulnerable to shedding. The easiest way to prevent your area rug from shedding is to invest in a higher end material. Wood rugs that are hand-knotted are almost shed-free, though the price can deter many homeowners.

Low-Traffic Areas Are Easier to Control Rug Fiber Shedding

If you do have a rug that is shedding excessively, moving this to a lower traffic area of the home can make a big difference. The constant foot traffic on the rug will cause the fibers to shed even more. Over time the rug will stop shedding but, in the meantime, you can try to combat the fuzz with regular vacuuming. This prevents the carpet fibers from traveling through the house and keeps the carpet free of unsightly fuzz.

The Merrimack resident opted for a high-end wool area rug for her home and her worries about her rug shedding are now a thing of the past.

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