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Area Rugs—So Many Design Options!

With more and more homeowners opting for hardwood flooring, a quality area rug can go a long way to not only finishing the look of a room but providing comfort and warmth.

Area rugs offer so many design options, in a nearly unlimited combination of patterns and colors.

As an added bonus, area rugs go a long way to protecting the hardwood flooring underneath. Area rugs are easy to clean and prevent water stains, scratches and dings from your hardwood floor. Particularly in high-traffic areas, an area rug can ensure that your hardwood floor lasts longer.

Red and navy blue patterned area rug with hardwood floor and view of water


Before you even begin thinking about the color and pattern of an area rug, you will need to decide what type of rug is right for you. Area rugs are available in wool, natural fiber, hair-on-hide, cotton or synthetic. Each of these types of rugs offer their own advantages based on the room and your personal preferences.

When most people think of area rugs they immediately consider a circle or square rug. However, this flooring option actually come in a variety of shapes, including octagons and runners for a hall or stairs. Area rugs also come in an array of sizes, from those spanning the entire room to smaller accent rugs.

The choices of size, shape, color and pattern that area rugs have to offer allow you to truly customize a room with this flooring option. You can add a splash of color and design, making the area rug the focal design point of a room, or use an area rug to create a more neutral warmth blending in to the room’s decor.


Cardoza Flooring stocks a wide selection of area rugs in our Milford showroom. The opportunity to see in person, touch and visualize the rug for your room can make a big difference. Whether you have a clear vision of the area rug that you are looking for or you simply want to see what we have to offer, stop by our showroom to peruse our wide selection.

Feeling overwhelmed by the choices? Our team has an eye for design and can help you to find that perfect area rug for you.

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