The Best Flooring Choices for Those with Breathing Issues

Springtime is right around the corner. Unfortunately for those with asthma and other respiratory problems this can mean even more of an everyday struggle. While the outdoors may be out of our control, the flooring that you choose for your home can go a long way to managing allergies and asthma. A customer in Hudson, NH recently visited our showroom complaining about the flooring in her bedroom. She was suspicious that dust mites were in the carpeting, causing her asthma to flare out of control. [Read more…]

For Hardwood Flooring, the Options Are Endless

Matching Hardwood FlooringHardwood flooring can be a stunning addition to any home and, as one Brookline, NH homeowner just discovered, the choices are abundant. The look and feel of your room can ultimately be decided by what type of hardwood flooring you choose, from the rustic look of distressed planks to the ever popular red oak. The possibilities truly are endless. [Read more…]

The Solution to Your Home’s Humidity Problems May Be in the Carpet

Wool Carpet Cardoza FlooringA homeowner in Bedford, NH was browsing for new flooring for her master bedroom. She loved the look and feel of carpet. As she was looking at the samples in our showroom, she mentioned how dry the air in her home is in the winter, despite running a humidifier in the bedroom. You can imagine the surprise on her face when we explained to her that the type of carpet that she chooses can actually help dramatically with that problem. [Read more…]

What Can I Do About Water Stains on Hardwood?

Water Stains on Hardwood

An Unusual Remedy for Nashua Homeowner

This time of year for homeowners, it may seem like the family is constantly tracking snow and water through the house. It can be difficult to isolate this to the carpeted areas of the home. A customer in Nashua, NH recently called us in a state of panic. She had discovered water stains on the hardwood flooring by her front door and was concerned that the entire floor would need to be replaced.

Water is not a friend to hardwood flooring. Prolonged exposure can damage the boards, causing unsightly stains. The best course of action is prevention, wiping up any moisture from the floors immediately. However, that may not always be the case and the winter time may feel like you are fighting a losing battle.

Home Remedies to Lighten Water Stains

So the damage is done, but there are some home remedies that you can try to lighten the stained area. For relatively new stains that you know have been there for a few days or less, you can try laying a piece of cloth over the area. Then use an iron set on low to apply heat to the cloth briefly. Continue this for about ten minutes to see if it will make a noticeable difference.

Believe it or not, another technique to try is mayonnaise. Dab a bit onto a rag and run it over the stained area, gently applying the mayonnaise directly to the stain. You can then let it sit for 1 to 6 hours, in hopes that the oil will seep into the wood finish, minimizing the stain.

The Nashua homeowner caught the stain quickly enough and after a few passes with her iron over a cloth the stain was faded enough that she was comfortable with it. Although, in the future we expect that she will be more diligent wiping up any melting snow from her hardwood floors.

What is the Best Carpet for Homes with Pets?


An Amherst, NH homeowner recently stopped by our showroom.

She was frustrated because her geriatric dog was having bladder problems, which had subsequently destroyed her carpets. This customer wanted to replace the carpets, but was leery of doing so only to have it happen again.

As with any spill or stain on the carpet, the key is to get it up as quickly as possible using a cleaner designed for carpeting. Unfortunately, in the cases of pet accidents many times they can go for an extended period of time without the homeowner realizing it. [Read more…]

Choose an Area Rug to Add Accent to Any Room

choosing an area rug

A Nashua, NH homeowner was recently looking for a way to add a “wow factor” to a sitting room in her home, without the commitment of painting the walls. A visit to Cardoza Flooring’s Milford showroom and she knew exactly what the answer was, an area rug. The hardest decision was choosing which rug would best fit her family’s personality and the space. [Read more…]

Installing Hardwood as Carpet Replacement

installing hardwood to replace carpet

Many homeowners like the look of hardwood flooring, particularly in the downstairs living space. As a recent customer in Amherst NH expressed, it can be nerve-wracking to rip up the carpet in a room of your home to put down a hardwood floor, particularly when you aren’t sure what condition the floor will be in when the carpet is lifted. [Read more…]

Overwhelmed by Carpet Color Choices like this Nashua Homeowner?

Nashua Carpet Color Selections

A Nashua NH homeowner recently visited our Milford showroom looking for new carpet for her upstairs bedroom. She came in unsure of what carpet color she would choose. This homeowner quickly discovered that the choices for color are as plentiful as the rainbow. [Read more…]

Hardwood Polishing Wasn’t Working for this Amherst, NH Resident

Shiny Hardwood Flooring

It is easy to make the mistake of assuming that a shiny hardwood floor is a clean, freshly polished one. However, as an Amherst, NH resident recently discovered, this is actually because of the gloss level of the hardwood floor, and has nothing to do with cleanliness. This homeowner was always frustrated by the lack of sheen of her hardwood kitchen floors. Not matter how much mopping and polish she used, she couldn’t achieve that glossy shine that she had seen in other homes. [Read more…]

Adding texture to your floor without the high price


Yes, the floor of your home can, and in many cases should, have texture. A visually appealing floor with subtle design can add a lot to any room. Many people think of only a home’s walls for adding this level of design, but don’t overlook the value of texture in the flooring to create a stand-out room. [Read more…]